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Very Bi Curious and really want to experience the feel and taste of a woman. Love sex, movies, toys and the feel of a woman's breasts and nipples.Love good food and wine, nights out. Good fun and sexy conversation.

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Click to view Full Size Photo I am 5'8 brown hair blue eyes I measure 36c in breast 28 in waist 34 hips I'm loving caring person willing to do anything expect getting into trouble. I love have sex day and night or just 24-7 lol. what I am looking for is Someone that is loving and caring that know what they want in life as that like having sex day and night or 24-7 lol.
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Click to view Full Size Photo Single bi-sexual looking for friendship and fun. I'm a honest person with alot to offer people. I love trying new things with people i enjoy being with. I hate game players. Please be honest!!!! Not much to ask I think. Outgoing and willing to do and try new things. If your a player...stay away

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Click to view Full Size Photo I am a 33 year old, blonde hair, blue eyed (no lie)attractive professional female. I'm 5'8,average body. I love the intimacy of sex but not the baggage that usually comes along with it. I'm easy-going,independent and successful. I like to have fun with sex, trying different positions, lotions, ect. I like to feel good and make my partner feel the same.
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Click to view Full Size Photo i'm a petite, down to earth, girl who will try anything once and if it's fun i'll do it twice. i'm looking to have a good time where ever it might come from. i'm new to being with women, but i'm a quick learner and i like to do a lot of homework. sex is my favorite pastime and i'm told i'm great at it. email if you are as horny and wet as me, and ready to have a good time.
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Click to view Full Size Photo Intimacy, romance, passion, commitment to a lifelong relationship is what I'm looking for. I want to know you so well and love you so much that what happens to you happens to me. I want to be so physically in tune with one another that even when time is short, a romantic encounter is as deeply satisfying for us as a day spent in bed....
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Click to view Full Size Photo Today was like any other day with one important distinction- I can't stop thinking about sex! I need some relief and I need it fast. I am tired of fantasizing about touching and exploring a woman until she's on fire. I'm sure my husband is equally frustrated with our pillow talk about watching me play with another man...

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Click to view Full Size Photo I'm a sailor who would rather be in the tropics, seeking someone to help me melt the ice around my boat! I need a compatible playmate to heat things up a bit! No commitments, no strings, (well maybe occasionally a string or two just for fun!). Just enjoying good times keeping each other warm for as long as the cold weather lasts.
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Mature Woman seeking Man - Erotic Stories
The Mature Lady
I am married, in my early 50s and have a decent sex life with my wife, but something has been missing. My mind wanders when I look at women passing by. I see the movement of their bodies under their clothes, and I wonder how passionate they may be. Would they like a good fuck?

A Stolen Orgasm
Once, in a quiet cabin on a private lake, I stole my wife's orgasm. It all started with our planned, weekend get away. The two of us were spending a couple of days alone in a friend's cabin, away from the grime of the city...
Mature Teacher Gives Private Tuition
I am Marianne. I am a fifty year old headmistress of a local girls school. I am also a nymphomaniac. I am also deeply in love – deeply in love with my cunt. I am well educated and extremely well spoken. I come from a good family and have an unfaithful husband and two twenty something daughters. I am petite, have small tits but extremely large and sensitive nipples. Just after I had my daughters I adored having men and women sucking the milk out of them. My daughters went without while I let my many lovers feast on my tit milk. I especially enjoyed spraying it over their cocks and cunts and then licking my own milk of them. I can cum by just having my nipples sucked and squeezed.

The Swimmers
He was 25 years old and gorgeous. Tall, slender, blue-eyed, wide shoulders, trim hips and waist, with the build of an athlete. He looked very good and very sexy in a business suit. I knew that he was a swimmer because I had seen the photographs on his desk that showed him receiving various medals in college.
My Mature Neighbor
Few years ago I moved to small nice city. When we moved there with my girlfriend, We meet with our neighbors and get to know them. What I had noticed my neighbor who lived on second floor (above us) they were couples, he was white male in early 30's tall and sporty body. She was 41 years, looked like late 20's blond hair very very sexy body. I meet her so many times with her sexy short (suppose to be in room)!!

Mature is Best

The bell tinkled lightly as the door opened and closed.

“Be with you in a minute,” Tom called from the back room.

“I’ll wait,” said the woman.

He finished putting away his stock wiped his hands and came out front. Tom stopped midst ride. On the other side of the counter was a strikingly good looking woman in her late forties. She was standing sideways and light from the window passed easily through her thin dress. It was obvious she wore little or nothing underneath it. She turned and face him.

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